Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back in business here- my apologies for being absent, but I've returned to announce that I've gone International. This Friday, March 2nd, I will be performing in MONTREAL for Loose Joints, a night thrown by resident DJs David Shaw, Chris Paré, and Davey Lähteenmaa, and held every Friday at 200-year old mansion that has been converted into a nightspot. Check this article:

The Hour (January 18th 2007)

Written by: Steve Lala

David Shaw, Delphi and Chris Pare launch the Loose Joints weekly at La Sociale, promising "the very best in electronic disco, Italo and bumpin' gems both past and present" in the luxurious, refurbished setting of this newly branded club (known until last week as The Mansion, 1445 Bishop St.). I took advantage of the opportunity to allow Dave to shed some light on disco music and its progeny, specifically the genre of "Italo," in the 21st century:

"I've heard Italo used to describe everything from Canadian disco to techno," Dave explains, "but to me it really belongs to an era in the late '70s and early '80s... European artists were being heavily influenced by disco from NYC and Philadelphia, but without the crazy budgets being paid by U.S. labels for orchestras and studio musicians, they had to employ a lot more electronic instruments and English-mangling vocalists. Pair that up with lyrics and artwork about robots and outer space and you're mostly there... Some of the tracks went a long way to influence the birth of house music. That being said, like most dance genres, about 85 per cent of it is unlistenable shit, but that's where record hunting comes in."

Mixes of theirs can be downloaded from the Attitude City site.

The Loose Joints Boys

Also, since its long overdue, I want to feature a track for you all to download. Its "Pay Up" by Proton Plus. A superb, Brit jazz-funk excursion that I adore. Produced by Phill Fearon (later known for his UK house tracks), this one is punchy, sweet, joyous, and has endearing whiteboy vocals. The arrangements are impeccable, the sax and strings are on, and the synths are tastefully and lovingly used- including a synth marimba (yes!).

Proton Plus - Pay Up


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