Monday, January 29, 2007

Let's put the spotlight on Jocelyn Brown. One Hell of a voice. She has sung on some of my all-time favorite records, such as Inner Life's "Moment of My Life", Cerrone's "Hooked on You", Raven's "So in Love", the Dazzle LP. She's a prolific session vocalist, and has sung over everything from gospel to trance. Here, we have here singing her classic "Somebody Else's Guy", which was a UK top 20 hit in 1984. It was recorded in 2004 for the Fashion Care benefit.

Now here's something amusing. Girl even worked with freakin' Right Said Fred, for their single "Don't Talk Just Kiss". Now I remember seeing this video when it first came out, and at the time did not realise exactly who Jocelyn Brown was. Coming back to it, I am truly thrilled as to just how er...versatile she was!

Let's give a hand for this hard-working and absolutely UNDERRATED queen of disco.


Blogger Brett said...

Don't forget her work with MAW. I am the black gold of the sun!?! That is GOLD! Especially the 4hero remixes of that. The boombox I had in the late 90s plays that on its own from memory.

3:09 PM  

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