Saturday, November 04, 2006

This week's cut may be known by some of you as a signature track of mine, the gorgeous "Moving Up" by Toba. A highly collectible and rare record, found in both blue and red vinyl, "Moving Up" is a 'feel good' track in the highest degree- impeccable jazz arrangements coupled with massive britfunk, a heavy bass and earnest vocals; a sax solo, a nylon-string guitar solo, synth solo, AND piano solo. "Moving Up" is one of those records that I would decree a masterpiece for all of its lushness in sound and its impressive musicality. Who exactly were Toba? They were fronted by Mr. Tony Balch (would "Toba" derive from the first two letters of his first and last name?), and next to no information is available on them. They also had another lovely single in the form of "Make Your Mind Up", but this is the one that is the true knockout. Its the kind that gives me that shiver of joy, because its a song essentially about joy- it sums up the experience, if you will. The experience of life. Yup, thats how powerful this record is.

Listen to Toba "Moving Up"


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