Sunday, January 21, 2007

Michael Freedberg was there when it all happened, in the disco era- and I had the pleasure of meeting him this past September, as I was spinning for a dance night at the Midway Cafe in JP called MUSK. Mr. Freedberg was there to see what I do, not necessarily to "size me up" against the DJs who were doing it then, but rather to see how someone from a different generation approaches the disco sound. It was a curiosity to him, as there isn't much emphasis on the classic disco sound coming out of Boston, no doubt. Many DJs barely go back more than 15 years, and at the most will throw on a throwback as a novelty. I was honored to have made an impression, which is evident as he has kept in close correspondence with me, and delivered a great article this week in the Boston Phoenix this week. In the article, Freedberg covers that "surprise descendant of disco" that we know of as House, providing a breakdown of the different scenes in Boston that are championing this sound. As he diverges into the topic of the internet as a promotional tool, he mentions MySpace as a means of spreading a DJ's name and talent. I was cited as an example, and it is indeed true: I have learned that MySpace isn't limited to its use as a social networking group for young people. I have made many connections through it, and have gotten much attention from other DJs and music lovers due to the mixes and imagery that are linked directly from my profile. Freedberg's article can be found here.

I have also found this great interview of Freeberg at DJs Portal where he includes a list of his 50 Essential Disco Albums.


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