Tuesday, January 16, 2007

[at Make it New Years, photo by David Day]

After an extended holiday hiatus, I have returned to share some thoughts and sounds...

Two upcoming events here, Paradise at Key West on January 25 and All Skate on February 8. In other news, I will be accompanying DJs Lone Wolf, Baltimoroder, and others for a fundraiser for Second Gallery, Feb 17th, courtesy of sQuare Productions and its Fort Point Channel Loft. If it is anything like the NYE party we had there, then your calendar must be marked right NOW.

Since a post has long been awaited, I would love to share a track. Turned on to me by my friend Jeremy Campbell, this one is all fired up right now, and in demand. Its a gorgeous latin soul track from 76 and seems to be getting attention through the whole Italian Cosmic revival. Willowband's "The Willow Man" is a taste of heaven, clocking in at a mere three and a half minutes and marinated in rhythm and latin groove, it should be a staple of mine come this summer. Check it out:

The Willow Band - Willowman


Blogger fabien said...

any chance of you uploading that tune again?

10:29 AM  
Blogger Mr B said...

Hi man

could you re-up this amazing track please !! I've been looking for it desperatly!




4:08 AM  

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