Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"You can listen if you please, AVOID, this message must be typed as a warning." Coco Bill's "Evita" is the paragon of bittersweet italo-disco, and it projects a familiar, yet still fresh sound. Its slow tempo does not plod, as its rhythmically lush and there's a lot to ride on. The vocals are reminiscent of John Rocca, a somber, earnest tenor, and they're an excellent example that Italo vocals are not always necessarily challenging to the ears. Actually, when I first heard this track, I assumed it was made in the US or UK.

Hell, this shits' phat, robust if you will, now that I hear it stripped down to its rhythmic track in the outro.

Check it:

Coco Bill - Evita


Blogger imunderpressure said...

Hey! big fan of the blog! anyway this track could be made available again? I've heard it on Cybernetic Broadcasting System but cant seem to find it anywhere!

please check out my actual blog at www.imunderpressure.com

I think I have you linked!

1:49 PM  

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