Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remembrances from patrons of the Paradise Garage can be found here. These humorous, bittersweet, and heartfelt musings almost make feel homesick for a place I never had the chance to visit. Also its worth noting that among these recollections you find many a reference to the classic records these patrons heard at a particular time within the context of the Garage and the domain of Larry Levan.

Which brings me to this week's track, inspired from this remembrance:

"I remember the time (late 1981) Larry played Chazz's "Dancin' shoes" in instrumental and a long line started back by the stage. These Garage members did the "Slide" all the way in the opposite direction. Baby powder lined the floor.

I also miss "Rapper, Dapper, Snapper" with the Close Encounter's sound effect behind it. In 1981, Taana Gardner's "Heartbeat" played for the first time. When the "break" came, the heartbeat played, Boom-Boom Kish!, Boom-Boom Kish!- Larry Played a real heartbeat sound effect. The red lights flashed with each increment of beat. When he mixed it in, the "heartbeat" slowed down and stopped dead! This lasted for at least a minute or so. We screamed and yelled for more!

Another time, Larry played Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon". Everyone just lined up on the outer border of the dance floor, and observed the light show. That was a trance-like mission. Same way that I went crazy for "Take a Chance" by Pleasure."

I would like to have you give a listen to the instrumental of Chazz's "Dancing Shoes", so that you may envision this display. The line. The sliding. The baby powder. The legendary Paradise Garage.

Listen to Chazz "Dancing Shoes"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Dad was in this group Chazz. They really were amazing. :-)

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