Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today I'd like to give a shout out to two of the most supportive individuals of what I do here in Boston.


Bleep (aka Brian Merz) was introduced to me as he was told of my love for disco, Italo and otherwise, and as result, invited me to peform for FutureRetro, a night that was hosted by Opal Lounge in early 2005. At the time, I was still getting my feet wet as far as proper programming, mixing, and other DJ-related skills. For him to give me an opportunity to perform despite my amateur status was something with which I am very grateful. Despite, shaky blends and iffy beat-matching, I was able to reach a new audience. From that point onward, his support for me has proven to be invaluable, and a great friendship had been made. Bleep has also hosted the series, "Party in the Combat Zone" at Gallery 808, which had its final party on September 30. I was invited to perform one of the parties, and it was one of the best experiences I had playing for a crowd, which, while modest, was devoted and enthralled with the music. It seemed as though it was a harbinger for what would come in the future for me as a DJ, and I have Bleep to think for enabling me to have the time of my life that evening. This gentleman is a primary player in nuturing a growing dance music culture in Boston, through his hard work, enthusiasm, personability, and passion for the music.

David Day

David Day is a very strong figure in Boston dance music culture, a hard-working and ever active contributor, whether as a DJ, promoter, distrbutor, producer, or film-maker. Mr. Day and I had the pleasure of DJing together at Love During Wartime, and from there I found much support and recognition for which I am indebted.

David is also a photographer, and captured this shot of me shown below, during AllSkate.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Remembrances from patrons of the Paradise Garage can be found here. These humorous, bittersweet, and heartfelt musings almost make feel homesick for a place I never had the chance to visit. Also its worth noting that among these recollections you find many a reference to the classic records these patrons heard at a particular time within the context of the Garage and the domain of Larry Levan.

Which brings me to this week's track, inspired from this remembrance:

"I remember the time (late 1981) Larry played Chazz's "Dancin' shoes" in instrumental and a long line started back by the stage. These Garage members did the "Slide" all the way in the opposite direction. Baby powder lined the floor.

I also miss "Rapper, Dapper, Snapper" with the Close Encounter's sound effect behind it. In 1981, Taana Gardner's "Heartbeat" played for the first time. When the "break" came, the heartbeat played, Boom-Boom Kish!, Boom-Boom Kish!- Larry Played a real heartbeat sound effect. The red lights flashed with each increment of beat. When he mixed it in, the "heartbeat" slowed down and stopped dead! This lasted for at least a minute or so. We screamed and yelled for more!

Another time, Larry played Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon". Everyone just lined up on the outer border of the dance floor, and observed the light show. That was a trance-like mission. Same way that I went crazy for "Take a Chance" by Pleasure."

I would like to have you give a listen to the instrumental of Chazz's "Dancing Shoes", so that you may envision this display. The line. The sliding. The baby powder. The legendary Paradise Garage.

Listen to Chazz "Dancing Shoes"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Making the Top Story on CBS 4 news, All Skate was a smashing success. A special thank you goes out to Lindsay Crudele, for inviting me to be a party of such an important event. I will give you further details as to how much we raised as soon as I hear word.

One of the DJs that accompanied me, talented musician and DJ San Serac. provides this week's featured mix. It's named for D-Train's "Keep Giving Me Love", which appears in the mix, and is an assortment of party-pleasing disco, boogie, and electro, so feast your ears...

Listen to "Keep Giving Me Love"

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Music as a spiritual experience. Some of us can feel it in our heart, in our soul, an ineffable sensation the drives us to move, to summon the spirits, to feel intense love for life. My involvement with the music I have come to realise is a spiritual relationship. Looking to faith has brought me much joy, and my courtship with the music has led to this insight into faith as remedy. Rhythm. Movement. Body music. Bringing people together. Joy. Grace. Spirit. That's what its all about.





Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"You can listen if you please, AVOID, this message must be typed as a warning." Coco Bill's "Evita" is the paragon of bittersweet italo-disco, and it projects a familiar, yet still fresh sound. Its slow tempo does not plod, as its rhythmically lush and there's a lot to ride on. The vocals are reminiscent of John Rocca, a somber, earnest tenor, and they're an excellent example that Italo vocals are not always necessarily challenging to the ears. Actually, when I first heard this track, I assumed it was made in the US or UK.

Hell, this shits' phat, robust if you will, now that I hear it stripped down to its rhythmic track in the outro.

Check it:

Coco Bill - Evita

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Check out this article from the Boston Phoenix, courtesy of David Day:

"This Wednesday, October 18, an event unique in recent nightlife goes off at the Chez Vous Roller Rink in Dorchester. ALL SKATE is a benefit for Boston’s beloved roller rink, which is looking at closing its doors unless the community comes to its side — that’d be you. So head down to the rink (11 Rhoades Street, Dorchester) and boogie as performer and DJ SAN SERAC, Plunge into Death member and heralded 440R DJ MARK E MOON, DJ and disco-music producer BRENDAN WESLEY, and Love During Wartime DJ and Italo king JOSEPH COLBOURNE all spin from 8 pm till midnight. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door; that includes skate rental, and every last dime goes to Chez Vous.

"Speaking of Mr. Colbourne: it was excellent to come across his mug in the contributors’ section of VIVA-RADIO.COM , a new audio Web site that’s easy to use and requires little more than a browser and some speakers. Colbourne is streaming all his Italo, boogie, and disco sounds to a worldwide audience alongside dance-music visionaries like DAN SELZER (Acute Records), JAMES F!@#$% ^ FRIEDMAN (Defend Music), and the ELECTRIC CHAIR CLUB (UK)."

In other news,
I am celebrating my 28th(!) birthday next Saturday, and those of you who are in or near town and would like to come by my place, inquire within....

I also would like to present our poster for AllSkate:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The featured mix comes courtesy of Chicago's Terry James, who has been spinning for 25 years, and as he states, "came up under Ron Hardy's Music Box School of Music." Influenced by the great pioneers such as Larry Levan, David Mancuso, Tee Scott, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Hot Mix 5, and Frankie Knuckles, James brings forth disco, funk, classic Chicago house, and has a formidable collection of great tunes with which a number he has turned me on to through performing live or via recorded mixes. I had the honor of spinning with him when he was temporarily stationed here in Boston. I'd like to present a favorite mix of his, "Black Hole", featured on Bring the Heat, which features tracks by Deodato, Cheri, and Ish, to name a few...

Listen to Black Hole