Thursday, November 22, 2007

You know, I love a little bit of flute in my funk. Or a lot, as is in this number by Ms. Bobbi Humphrey- she holds it together, as is expected, the strings are understated, yet tasteful, and the bass is tightly wound, and then, you've got this flute break out of leftfield that grabs ya, "so sweet like sherry wine" as Ms. Humphrey croons. This is a track for a classy shuffle and groove- serious perspiration and wreckless abandon on the floor is optional, as it has a vibe best suited for sippin wine and feelin fine. You move, but you don't get completely unecessary with this joint- you just ride with it. But make no mistake, it IS a Roy Ayers joint, so you know you can't stay still, and you know why that flute break grabs you, all acid-jazzed out and shit...

"We've got a love so strong
It turns me on and on
We've got a love so deep
It knocks me off my feet
And you know that
And you know that
And you know that
And you know that!"

Listen here:

Bobbi Humphrey - Baby Don't You Know