Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A return from a six month hiatus...

Since May, I have been hosting COLOR, which has been an enormous success, I've become resident DJ the third Friday of each month at Zuzu's SOLID!, and keepin on with Viva Radio. I've also acquired what was most needed: experience. Experience as a DJ is crucial. You can mix away in your bedroom, imagining how you'll go over for an audience, but its actually consistent INTERACTION and EXCHANGE with your audience that brings it all together.

I want to talk about that EXCHANGE.

I am a performer, and my objective is to make a lasting impression. I've thought of ways to achieve this. Its your movements and expressions behind the decks, letting your spirit exude from ever fine pore of your body. The reaction you have to the music is a catalyst for response from the audience. Likewise, breaking down the walls between you and your dancer, going OUT to join your dancers now and then, DANCE WITH them, demystifies the illusion that the DJ is detached and immersed in his self-satisfaction. It demonstrates a passion that he wants to SHARE with the people, not keep EXCLUSIVE and CACHED. That's one of my peeves about an elevated booth where your eyes descend upon the audience- it creates a seperation, a detachment, an illusion of grandeur.

Its like I'd have to climb down some damn golden staircase to reach my people and dance with them, thank them, hug them, show them my love and respect.

Never forget your people. They may need to feel you out, warm up to you, try to RELATE. And you may have to work that much harder to steer them in, make them feel welcome, give them something that will stimulate their mind, body, and soul. Yes, thats right. You can do that. I feel like I can. And I have. Its a labor of love.

And this is a symbiotic relationship that gratifies and enlightens. A mutual exchange. You give them an experience, a rush, a trip, a thrill. They give you life and relevance as a DJ.