Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Track of the week...Now this one is off the hook. Candela's "Love You Madly", an Amir Bayyan joint (Bayyan was formerly Robert 'Kool' Bell of none other than Kool and the Gang, and was quite the prolific producer and arranger in his own right), this one typifies the garage (or boogie) sound of 1982. Approximately 118bpm, bass heavy, funk oriented, and with yet another killer break thats been the trend of my tracks of the week.

"Love You Madly, Oww, Whatcha Thinkin' Now? Gotta know somehow.."

Give it a listen...

Candela - Love You Madly


Blogger Witch City Fashionista said...

Hey there Joseph... I well remember the Candela 12-inch, but I am amazed to find that I am not alone here. (Well I think my friend Andy Reynolds from East Village Radio knows it too...) In any case I will have to dig out my own copy from my dustbin and revive it. Because 1980-1986 Italo disco and its contemporary cousins is a genre BADLY in need of ANOTHER LOOK... xxx DJ MsDD

9:51 PM  

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