Sunday, August 13, 2006

Track of the Week:

Underground - Behind My Back

Released on the heralded Queens-based label Sam Records in 1981 (best known for hits by Convertion, Rhyze, Glen Adams Affair, Vicky "D", Evasions, and so forth), this appeared to be Underground's sole record, and is actually the b-side of the more smooth and soul-fueled "Doin' It". The record is the funkiest catharsis ever to lay its grooves on black wax, and, as suggested in its title, is a candid declaration of a man's "last straw" with his deceitful, unfaithful lover. The bottom line is that this track is rough, tough, and seriously got too much of serious groove to be overlooked- a sick synth-driven break, vocals that hold their own, and overall a solid track that has been a floor-filler for me in the past. Its surprising that it isn't far more in demand, but such is the case with certain records that may get lost into obscurity on a label that has huger hits that overshadow it. Download the track here.


Blogger Michael F Gill said...

Solid number, less synthy then I expected. The ending arrangement is predictably great, you just know they were going to isolate that guitar line sometime.

2:08 PM  

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