Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Track of the Week: Greg Perry "It Takes Heart"

A record coveted by both northern soul and boogie collectors, alike, this fast-tempo (130 bpm) track is a rare crossroads between the two. Recorded in 1982, and released on the small Alfa label, "It Takes Heart" has the telltale expressive, melodic sound and tempo craved by Northern Soul collectors; the break, however, is wildly indicative of the sound that was very contemporary for that time- a tight, pounding drive with an infectious synth riff.

One VERY noteworthy fact about the artist is that Mr. Perry was a Holland-Dozier-Holland collaborator, and had recorded much since the 60s, and many of his records are sought after by Northern Soul collectors.

Give it a listen:

Greg Perry - It Takes Heart


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