Sunday, August 27, 2006

The motivation to dance. I wanted to take a good look at this concept. I look on a dancefloor and I see many different types- those who nod and appreciate, but seldom make their way to the floor. Others who will dance very low-key and in a small space, taking small steps and pacing themselves in an understated manner. Then there are a few who demand that they only dance to only that which they can only sing along to- the ones seeking an anthem to celebrate- its the only thing that will have them approach the floor. Then there is another DANCER. There are those who relish the sounds, whether classic are unfamiliar, electronic or live, and abandon inhibition and take to the rhythm like a fish to water. I adore those- the near intrinsic disposition to be loyal to a sound that moves them, possessed by the near synesthesia of the disco experience.

Let me be clear, however. ANYONE who dances gets my gratitude when I pay tribute to this music, no matter what dancer you are. No matter how you dance, how you express yourself, you are the judge and the jury of the way you celebrate your life, and if you have the motivation to move at all, whether it be a head nod or an acrobatic move, you liberate yourself, and pay tribute to the spirit of this sound.


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