Friday, August 11, 2006

A Proposal.

I would like to feature/review a mix each week from local, regional, national, or international DJs. If you are interested in referring me to a mix of yours, a friend's, acquaintance's, or simply someone you admire, please inquire within. The best way would be to reply to this post, or email me.

This week I will feature a mix of my choice, by Chicago's DJ Bullit (courtesy of Deep House Page. Bullit's collection of boogie, funk, soul, disco, and rare groove is enviable and as a DJ, he is an enigma. I know very little information on the gentleman, besides mixes that have been featured on DHP and Bring the Heat. Consequently, both DHP and Bring the Heat exhibit the enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty of the deep disco and boogie sound in the Windy City, and there are some dedicated fellas from that town whose collections far surpass my own. Out of respect for Bullit, I will not post a tracklist but if you would like any tracks identified, contact me. So without further ado, here is the mix by Bullit, simply titled "Deep Disco."

Listen to Deep Disco


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