Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tee Scott.

He was considered the "repairman"- was able to take a record in desperate need of attention and make it classic. Think First Choice's "Love Thang", Northend's "Tee's Happy" and "Tee's Right", Atlantis' "Keep on Movin' and Groovin".... I just wanted to proclaim my admiration for this man as one of my main inspirations as a DJ and one of my favorite mixers.

A Discography

On His DJing:
"[Tee] picked really good songs," says François K, an acolyte of Scott’s. "He was more focused on the real soulful grooves that would work the dancefloor to an absolute frenzy. He was into playing a very solid; steady no-nonsense set, but also very beautiful. He could really work a record into becoming a hit just because he made it so. It might not a very strong record to begin with but just the way he would work it, cut it, and make his crowd like it and then it would become a hit.
-Francois Kervorkian


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