Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm back in business, albeit limited. I am relentlessly searching for a new job while attending school full-time to earn my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

I will be DJing again in December, after a six-month long hiatus. As for when and where, thats for you all to ask- its DL.

I just want to say that I have been really grateful to have the modest but dedicated following and to receive that "Boston's Best DJ" award earlier this year was a total blast, as I was able to get so many supporters from near and far to vote for me, and leave all those who read the publication to scratch their heads and wonder, "who the hell is this?" It was brilliant, and I thank all of you for voting to make it happen. It just goes to show that if you market yourself well and have a solid reputation, even the least expected positive results may be possible.

I want to update this as often as possible— I am ashamed that only two posts have been produced in the past year. For today, I want to share a strong tune:

Keep on, keepin on...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm back- take a look at what's happened...


and take a look at whats happening...

G.O.D.: The After Party Benefit
Wednesday May 14, 2008 10pm
at Machine/Ramrod
1254 Boylston Street Boston, MA
21+ $6 with MFA ticket stub, $8 without, or more if you can!

In conjunction with the screening of The Godfather of Disco at the The 24th Annual Boston Gay and Lesbian Film/Video Festival, Truth Serum Productions is hosting an after party and benefit at Machine/Ramrod (the most disco club left in Boston!) featuring DJ Joseph Colbourne (Color RIP) spinning the West End Records catalog and records played at the Paradise Garage.

We will be celebrating The Godfather of Disco, the music of the era, pioneer/activist/survivor Mel Cheren (who passed in December), and the hard work of MAP. A portion of the door and raffle proceeds will go to MAP. Join Us. Help Raise Funds. Shake Your Ass.

There is no baseball game! Machine is a lovely stroll through The Fens from The MFA. DJ Joseph Coulbourne is the perfect DJ to take us on this trip.

Here is info about the screening at the MFA:
Wed, May 14, 8:30 pm The Godfather of Disco by Gene Graham (2007, 82 min.). Based on Mel Cheren's powerful autobiography, My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep On Dancin', The Godfather of Disco (G.O.D.) offers a "mesmerizing overview of the rise and fall of '70s-era dance music," according to Max Sparber of the Pulse of the Twin Cities (4/18/07). Through a series of interviews with a who's who of the dance music community, G.O.D. uses the arc of Mel's life to examine the early 70's musical and cultural currents that gave birth to disco, West End Records' contribution to that scene, the rise of Paradise Garage, and the onslaught of HIV/Aids and it's impact on New York City. We look at Mel's activist years as he harnesses the power of music to fight Aids via his charity work for GMHC (NYC's Gay Men's Health Crisis) and 24hrs for Life/LifeBEAT. Pioneer. Activist. Survivor. Mel Cheren is The Godfather of Disco.

Co-presented by Massachusetts Asians and Pacific Islanders for Health (MAP for Health)

More to Come! Peace Out.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays to all, I have returned to present to you a mix by a fellow DJ and good friend Steve (DJ Shakewell) from New York City. Shakewell is one half of Sharegroove with Patrick aka DJ Duckcomb, and has much of a presence as a disco and house DJ in the big city. Shakewell's partnership with Duckcomb for Sharegroove has been going strong since 2004, and I have been invited down a couple times to share the grooves myself.

Today I present a dynamic mix for you by Shakewell especially for Get Up, Get Down, entitled "Road Tripping", which runs the gamut from disco to edits to cosmic to house, and is downloadable here:

Road Tripping

Track Listing:

Sunburst Band - Far Beyond Intro
Fern Kinney - Baby Let Me Kiss You
Studio One Mystery Dub
Suzy Q / Flirts - "Get It Up and Do It Again / Passion"-- Dutch Medley
Japanese Synchro System - Let's Go Bang!
Irving Martin & Brian Dee - Indianapolis 2 (Bronx Dogs mix)
Earth People - Dance
Santa Esmeralda - Hey Gip!
George Duke - North Beach
John Tropea - Livin in the Jungle
Sade- Don't Turn My Back On You
Frankie Valentine - Zumbi
Womack & Womack - Conscious of My Conscience
Rydim - Rydim #2
Coldplay - Talk (Francois K mix)
Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm
Kaylan - Nice & Slow
Cymande - Bra (Community Edit)
Lil Louis - Why'd you Fall
Andreas Vollenweider - Sisyphos
Love & Happiness (Levan accapella)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

You know, I love a little bit of flute in my funk. Or a lot, as is in this number by Ms. Bobbi Humphrey- she holds it together, as is expected, the strings are understated, yet tasteful, and the bass is tightly wound, and then, you've got this flute break out of leftfield that grabs ya, "so sweet like sherry wine" as Ms. Humphrey croons. This is a track for a classy shuffle and groove- serious perspiration and wreckless abandon on the floor is optional, as it has a vibe best suited for sippin wine and feelin fine. You move, but you don't get completely unecessary with this joint- you just ride with it. But make no mistake, it IS a Roy Ayers joint, so you know you can't stay still, and you know why that flute break grabs you, all acid-jazzed out and shit...

"We've got a love so strong
It turns me on and on
We've got a love so deep
It knocks me off my feet
And you know that
And you know that
And you know that
And you know that!"

Listen here:

Bobbi Humphrey - Baby Don't You Know

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A return from a six month hiatus...

Since May, I have been hosting COLOR, which has been an enormous success, I've become resident DJ the third Friday of each month at Zuzu's SOLID!, and keepin on with Viva Radio. I've also acquired what was most needed: experience. Experience as a DJ is crucial. You can mix away in your bedroom, imagining how you'll go over for an audience, but its actually consistent INTERACTION and EXCHANGE with your audience that brings it all together.

I want to talk about that EXCHANGE.

I am a performer, and my objective is to make a lasting impression. I've thought of ways to achieve this. Its your movements and expressions behind the decks, letting your spirit exude from ever fine pore of your body. The reaction you have to the music is a catalyst for response from the audience. Likewise, breaking down the walls between you and your dancer, going OUT to join your dancers now and then, DANCE WITH them, demystifies the illusion that the DJ is detached and immersed in his self-satisfaction. It demonstrates a passion that he wants to SHARE with the people, not keep EXCLUSIVE and CACHED. That's one of my peeves about an elevated booth where your eyes descend upon the audience- it creates a seperation, a detachment, an illusion of grandeur.

Its like I'd have to climb down some damn golden staircase to reach my people and dance with them, thank them, hug them, show them my love and respect.

Never forget your people. They may need to feel you out, warm up to you, try to RELATE. And you may have to work that much harder to steer them in, make them feel welcome, give them something that will stimulate their mind, body, and soul. Yes, thats right. You can do that. I feel like I can. And I have. Its a labor of love.

And this is a symbiotic relationship that gratifies and enlightens. A mutual exchange. You give them an experience, a rush, a trip, a thrill. They give you life and relevance as a DJ.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is the disco I want the people to know. The spirit, anticipation, adrenaline, and syncopation of this music. This is the nexus between soul, funk, and pop. Lenny Williams' "You Got Me Running" is a man's race for the love of his life, and you feel the running through the rhythms, the breaks, and the urgency in Williams' voice. He isn't messing around, and "ain't nothing gonna make him stop." Through the driving beat, the strings, the organ, scraping guitar, and scintillating bass, you know that this man is desperately reaching out and he is passionate. This is a track where the music emotes the theme of the song and takes the dancefloor on a journey.

In retrospect, putting together a record like this would be in today's standards a formidable feat, in terms of the instrumentation, orchestration, and production. These days with technology and immediacy, the type of blood, sweat, and tears that went into making this record just isn't evident anymore. Today's producers and musicians may see otherwise, but the music reveals a difference in distillation. The rawness and purity of "You Got Me Running" is something that just can't be reproduced these days. It is for this, that disco warrants high regard. They just don't make them like they used to.

Listen to Lenny Williams "You Got Me Running"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I would like to feature an up and coming DJ hailing from NYC, who has been a pal of mine for several years now. Ben Manzone (aka Benguin) got acquainted with me through our shared interest in postpunk and dance music, and we both have veered away from collecting DIY and postpunk in the years that followed, and focused on our infatuation with dance music. We both started to become very familiar with disco, boogie, garage, proto-house, and house with much passion and enthusiasm. We've tipped each other a great deal on some serious tunes, looking out for each other's wants while digging, and sharing constructive critiques of each others' mixes, as both us were beginning to develop experience as DJs. I definitely see him going places, and look forward to sharing our progress together in the years to come.

I wanted to give a shout out to this fine young man and his impeccable taste by featuring a mix that he has made especially for 'Get Up Get Down', titled MELT YOUR FACE in addition to an edit of Billy Paul's "Only the Strong Survive".

Download MELT YOUR FACE here