Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steve Fish, aka DJ Dynasty, was there when old school was new school. Originally from Brooklyn, and now residing in South Florida, he is primarily a bedroom DJ, save for the occasional party here and there. However, he has some solid disco and funk mixes with grooves from the likes of Fantasy, Patrick Cowley, Invisible Man's Band, First Choice, Telex, and Bruni Pagan, to name a few. He states, "I always find it as some sort of expression release that cant be replaced with anything else. I never forget where I come from & frequently get into some private sets of the stuff that I grew up on that keeps me in perspective knowing that thats where the challenge lies. To mix the perfectly timed drum machine based music of today is nice but spinning the late 70's and early 80s type of music helps keep me sharp in the mix." His site is definitely worth checking out:


This is yet another example of the legions of DJs, both those in bedrooms and in clubs far and wide, are keeping the spirit of this legendary sound burning bright.


Blogger DJDynasty said...

HI Joe,
Thanks for the kind words and positive review. I hope to be part of keeping the music alive, as it seems we have the same goals. Thakns for listening

8:32 AM  

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