Friday, September 08, 2006

An intoxicating slice of sultry soul is what we got this week in Blanche Carter's "Straight Down to the Bone"- which happens to be the namesake for my new show on Viva Radio. Man, this one is tasty, sexy, and its got a PROFOUND bass and Blanche's vocals are earnest yet also mischievous- just my type. Off the heralded TSOB label, which is known for their raw, dirty, no-BS grooves, this piece of goodness was written and produced by Richard Weeks of Weeks and Co. ("Rock Your World", "Go With the Flow") fame, and its subtly evident; while Weeks and Co. has the party jams, this is more of a late night/early morning groove. It sure is a crying shame that good ole Boston closed up at 2am. Shucks! Give this lovely one a listen:

Blanche Carter - Straight Down to the Bone

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Blogger Dion said...

Yes, that is one dope record. I found my copy for 25 cents when I was in NYC in 2001, along with about 30 other nice finds for the same price. Gotta love diggin there!!

Did you know that there is another version of it on The Jammers self titled LP? (1982) (They were another Richie Weeks produced outfit.)

Another great record to look out for on TSOB is Man For My Lady by Sabata. I included it on my latest mix that will be on ABL Radio in a few weeks.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Keep it up.

-Spankie Hazard

12:36 AM  

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